Becoming Smoke Free is a Good Choice!

Thank you for your interest in our features. If you have made the decision to quit smoking, you do not need us to tell you that this is a very good choice for your health, as well as the health of those around you. From personal experience, I can tell you that quitting smoking wasn’t easy. First of all, just making the initial decision was difficult. Did I really want to quit?

In our minds, we say we want to give up tobacco, but then, the urge to light up comes upon us, and there you go. All good intentions down the drain.

Please don’t give up. If you are looking for support, you’ll find wonderful on line and physical groups of like-minded people who are also working on quitting. And don’t beat yourself up if you go a day without smoking, and then succumb to temptation. Just pick up where you left off, and keep in mind that for every day you go without inhaling tobacco smoke, that you are enjoying fabulous benefits even if you can’t yet see or feel them.

You got this! You CAN do it! We’ll be back with helpful articles that we hope will encourage you.