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Best Bitcoin Casinos in 2022

While most people associate casinos with the sound of fiat currency, a new trend has risen to attract the attention of millions of niche cryptocurrency holders – bitcoin casinos. Compared to the decades-old standard of putting fiat currencies regulated by a government into casinos, these new casinos have gone with the latest form of payment and investment, taking a liking to specific crypto.

That would be Bitcoin, the top cryptocurrency on the market in 2022. Although it’s had a bit of a rough start to the year, peaking at $47,000 per coin at the beginning of the year before declining upwards of 30 percent, the cryptocurrency is still one of the most popular for an everyday person. Cryptocurrencies are a handy tool for our growing world by combining safety, security, transparency, privacy, and transmissibility.

Still, that’s not necessarily the most helpful introduction: many people have no clue what cryptocurrencies are. Even those familiar with the concept might not necessarily have the most excellent image of how they’re helpful in online casinos. Even though they are accommodating and a fantastic innovation for an industry without too many significant changes.

Additionally, that’s why this article exists, where we’ll list some of our best Bitcoin casinos while also explaining a bit more about the concept behind cryptocurrencies and why they work so well in a market like the betting industry.

What are Cryptocurrencies?

Put, cryptocurrencies, also known as cryptos, are a type of virtual currency. While they’re not exclusively forms of online money, that’s the shape they take most often. That’s because the platform these coins are built from, the blockchain is excellent for storing data and keeping it permanently spread out on thousands of computers to verify from.

Cryptos like Bitcoin entrust thousands of “validators” to run protocols and software to validate transactions and the like. That way, even though you don’t have any money to prove you can pay for something physically, these computers can go, “hey yeah, this guy has enough Bitcoin, so we’ll move it to the other person’s account and let them know.”

When this happens, your and the person’s balance you’re transacting with change. Although that example is one-on-one payments, the same concept applies to casinos and people using cryptos on their sites. It’s the same situation, with you providing proof that you have the currency to pay, the casino collecting it. And some validators proving that you did have the money and locking the trade into the blockchain forever.

Through this method, transactions are quick (since there’s no actual money moving between hands), safe, as multiple validators approve each transaction. And cheap, as the only thing you have to pay are the validators which run the software to prove you have the money you do. All these benefits tie directly into using cryptos on sites like casinos. They provide more accessibility and safety when moving sums of money to and from casinos.

Why Use Bitcoin at a Casino?

The big reason is that while many casinos offer benefits using fiat currency, like the US Dollar or the Euro, they’re usually pretty small. That’s because the company a) has to make a profit and can’t spend it all on bonuses. And b) the money they gain from you gets deducted by transferring banks and associated payment partners. So, these sites’ profits are cut from bonuses, and the banks take payment to move money around.

With cryptocurrencies, there’s no intermediary bank and no loss of profit, instead of providing a near-free, incredibly fast, decentralized payment option. Casinos can afford to put more into bonuses and deals, letting the lack of bank fees and payment issues be spent through rewards to keep you on board with their site.

While that’s not always the case, it is expected. Cryptos offer a level of financial freedom and flexibility like nothing we’ve seen before. And that’s great for both you and the bitcoin casino. Also most of these casinos do not require verification. However, there are even more benefits for you, as you’ll also gain a slight edge against some websites.

The Privacy

For example, when dealing with online casinos, not every site will be the most trustworthy. Sometimes, you’ll find yourself enticed by a company with no actual plans to make your experience great. While that could mean scam games, they could also track your payment and sell your data. 

If you use cryptocurrencies to pay, all the information they can glean from your transfer is your public blockchain ID, the payment, the receiving address, and the time. That’s it. There’s no personal information, IP address, no actual address, phone number, email, nothing. So, not only do you gain a bit of a boost to your bonuses, potentially, but you also build a shield against some scams and tactics used against casino players by some less-than-great casinos.

What are the Best Crypto Casinos?

It depends. Some casinos use crypto to offer additional bonuses. Some have deals with wallet owners and producers that mean they can reward you. Others want brand recognition that gives access to something as new as cryptocurrencies. Nonetheless, there are a few ways to find a good crypto casino, some of which we’ve used to create this list.

The most important, to us, is accessibility. Some casinos utilize cryptos to provide a way to move more money than previously possible to and from their platform. Credit and debit card companies like American Express, Visa, and Mastercard have limits from anywhere between $100 and $1,000. Some cryptos will allow you to move upwards of $100,000 per transaction. Additionally, it should only take a few minutes to hours for your transaction to go through, rather than the potential days with card producers.

Of course, the next is the bonuses and security. As we’ve explained, the prizes can be much more prominent on crypto-using sites, thanks to a combination of lower fees on both sides of the equation, greater rewards, and the endless possibilities of the cryptocurrencies available on the platform. Additionally, these rewards are safer and more reliable, knowing that each transaction can be linked back to the casino but safely to you.

So, what are our picks for the best online casinos that accept Bitcoin? Well, here they are.


First up is Cloudbet, one of the top crypto casinos. The company has been around for years, offering sports betting, casino games, and eSports betting, all within a crypto-centric offering. Cloudbet has been the “best Bitcoin gambling site since 2013,” boasting its track record of secure betting and rapid growth over the years.

However, one of their most significant boasts is the promotions available. Some of Cloudbet’s most notable include:

A 100% welcome bonus of up to 5 BTC Hefty net loss refund policiesLoyalty rewardsDiscountsDeposit bonuses

Of course, on top of that, Cloudbet boasts one of the most up-to-date sportsbooks out there, letting you bet on dozens of sports before and during a game. Overall, Cloudbet is a safe bet for a top crypto casino. And that’s one of the reasons why we enjoy the company so much. Their great combination of quality crypto deposit/withdrawal methods and fantastic sportsbook betting and casino make for a much better-than-average experience.

Additionally, Cloudbet can boast its long-term connections to Bitcoin, which the company has already been bragging about since 2013. It’s like a bet365 bitcoin alternative. Finally, a great combination of variety, crypto accessibility, and experience make Cloudbet a standout option of those on this list, providing unique services with unique specialties. 


While Cloudbet is primarily a crypto sportsbook, BitStarz is the complete another way. The company specializes heavily in its casino games, offering one of the cleanest layouts and overall experiences. Of course, however, it also includes powerful crypto payment methods, with the ability to gain free deposit bonuses and spins solely off the front page.

The company offers slots, table games, jackpots, live casino games, and even unique “Bitcoin games.” With hundreds of games across quite a few developers and game types, BitStarz is easily a grand casino by itself. Additionally, nonetheless, it also features a strong cryptocurrency offering, letting you purchase and withdrawal earnings in:

Bitcoin,Bitcoin Cash,Ethereum,Dogecoin,Tether,And Litecoin,

All with zero percent fees. It’s impressive and one of the reasons why so many people like BitStarz. In combination with their great casino offerings and the overall pleasant experience using the company’s well-managed UI, BitStarz is a favorite option in terms of legit Bitcoin casinos. But, of course, it doesn’t help that it offers many other cryptocurrencies, all with outstanding fees and processing times.

BitStarz has accepted cryptocurrencies for not nearly as long as Cloudbet. Although it still has the experience and history to prove its abilities. Millions of people have used the company’s platform. It shows through the constant updates and quality changes to its services and designs.

Betcoin is another bitcoin casino-centric platform, offering casino games, a live casino, a sportsbook, a live sportsbook, and some great deposit rewards. Even now, the company offers a 100% bonus of up to 1 Bitcoin just for signing up and depositing some money as a welcome bonus. 

Betcoin, like Cloudbet, has been around since 2013, although it’s much more of a traditional casino. While its website and services might not be as spectacular or up-to-date as Cloudbet or BitStarz, it’s a great way to get those more familiar with a standard casino offering attached to cryptocurrencies.

That’s why, although the company looks like a standard casino, offering a rather extensive list of cryptocurrency casinos for use, including:

BitcoinEthereumLitecoinRippleBitcoin CashDash Monero IOTA

That’s a pretty substantial list, boosted by some of the most practical cryptos currently available. With some options like Ripple, IOTA, and Monero, you can catch a glance as to what Betcoin is .ag tries for – a solid backend to tighten up a decent overall platform, complete with hundreds of standard and live casino games alongside a pretty significant sportsbook and other services.

Betcoin is an odd play, considering it’s set up considerably like a real, physical casino, although with a heavily-integrated list of cryptocurrencies. It’s not too old, although it serves as one of the best choices for those more familiar with older casinos and their designs, which Betcoin holds to incredibly.


Somewhat of an oddball in the online casino market, Rolletto is a baby. The company’s website,, was launched in just 2020. However, it’s already come to host a sportsbook, live sports betting, eSports betting, Dino games, a live casino, casino games, minigames, virtual sports simulations, and a pretty hefty promotions tab.

There’s a lot when it comes to Rolletto, and that’s because the company goes all out for whatever it does. If you don’t see something that’s done to completion, then it’s just not available on Rolletto. That does mean that the company has seen varying quality and success on its platform. There’s no question that the policy works well for cryptocurrency acceptance.

Rolletto accepts payments through Bitcoin, Tether, Ethereum, Litecoin, XRP, Dash, and Monero. At the same time, that’s one behind Betcoin AG. It’s an impressive count nonetheless, especially considering the young age and overall quality of Rolletto. It’s nice to see a young company still adapting and growing to the market put out a substantial payment selection alongside quality services.

Although there’s still growing room for Rolletto’s quality and general abilities, the company has done a great job standing tall and introducing new experiences that not too many people have caught onto yet. That would include their Dino games and virtual sports simulations, which like cryptocurrencies, have seen onto a niche that continues to grow as the market expands.


Up next is Super Slots, primarily a crypto slots site, as you can likely guess. Still, the company manages to offer one of the best selections of blackjack, table games, video poker, and live casino games, alongside a few hundred slot games to play online. Out of the sites listed on this page, Super Slots is one of the most casino-heavy out there. The gambling site provides a superb quality alongside a pretty decent quantity.

That’s the same story that the company’s cryptocurrency deposit list follows. Alongside the standard Visa/Mastercard/Amex options, SuperSlots offers one of the most extensive cryptocurrency selections available, including:

BitcoinCardanoDashLitecoinSolanaTetherBitcoin CashChainlinkEthereumRippleStellerUSDCoin

That’s a vast list, especially for a company that focuses heavily on one thing. Nonetheless, Super Slots has one of the most substantive lists on this list. It’s one of the top sites many recommend for crypto enthusiasts focused on more than just Bitcoin payments. The sheer variety makes Super Slots stand out exclusively, although it’s not the only thing that causes such a thing.

The other variety present in the company’s games and slots is another excellent part of Super Slots. And it’s another chance to stand out against some of its more established competitors. Nonetheless, it does a great job, pushing and adding new features to fit the ever-changing crowd of casino players and cryptocurrency investors.

Wild Casino

Lastly, we have Wild Casino. Quite like Super Slots, Wild Casino offers 12 cryptocurrency payments alongside slots, table games, blackjack, live casino, and video poker, in addition to specialty games. 

Wild Casino is one of the best-made bitcoin casino sites, with a great design built around over 300 games. That’s why it’s routinely mentioned as one of the best online casinos out there. It’s not only for cryptocurrency holders but also for people looking towards a grand casino with tons of games to play. Nonetheless, it’s an excellent place for people looking to bet with a bit of cryptocurrency. 

The same list as Super Slots, Wild Casino provides servicing for these twelve cryptocurrencies:

BitcoinCardanoDashLitecoinSolanaTetherBitcoin CashChainlinkEthereumRippleStellerUSDCoin

In many aspects, Wild Casino and Super Slots are similar, and that’s because they’re sister sites. Nonetheless, Wild Casino does things to separate itself, including a great UI and a unique styling. So, although they’re connected in many ways, each area has its place in our list, and for good reasons.

How to Use Bitcoin at Online Casinos?

The quick answer is that it depends. Different casinos have different ways to use cryptocurrencies, although most do it separately through a wallet. For those unfamiliar, crypto wallets are essentially records of your purchases on the blockchain. While your balance and everything are public on the blockchain, only your wallet can access the funds with its private key.

Most casinos on this list will have you create or connect a wallet, letting you transfer funds to and from using the private key with control over your account. For example, to use cryptos as payment, you’ll create a wallet and move over money to buy cryptocurrencies. Once you’ve verified that the platform you plan on using not only accepts cryptos but allows payment through the specific one you’re looking for, then you can connect the wallet and deposit money.

Different Cryptos

However, it’s important to remember that different casinos accept different cryptos. While most new casinos accept cryptocurrencies in one form, many still don’t. Even out of those that do, Bitcoin is the only widespread option, with many casinos not even offering compatibility with the 2nd most significant coin, Ethereum.

Additionally, it’s essential to ensure that you don’t log into your wallet from a casino. We’ve only listed casinos that we trust and believe to be safe. It’s essential to give your private wallet key to nobody and nothing. Since that key controls your funds, ensure that you log into your wallet before giving a transaction to a casino, not the other way around.

Past that, most casinos will go through step-by-step how to pay and receive payment into Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies, so there’s usually not too much to worry about. The big thing is to be careful and ensure that you know what you’re doing in advance to prevent any mistakes or issues from occurring. That’s all.

What is the Best Bitcoin Casino?

Again, it depends – some casinos are in the top rankings thanks to their overall experience with a bit of compatibility with cryptos. While others are up there thanks to the wide variety of currencies supported. 

When it comes to choosing the best Bitcoin casino, it depends on what you’re looking for. If you have a lot of money already invested in one cryptocurrency, find a platform or casino that accepts it and has some good games. On the other hand, if you want the ease of Bitcoin while focusing primarily on a quality gaming experience, then look for a casino that’s mainly a casino.

If you want tons of bonuses, look for companies offering those in addition to cryptocurrency services. Otherwise, it might be best to look through some of our reviews for a balanced casino with a decent entryway for newcomers and beginners to cryptocurrency. It all comes down to what you want and need, especially the latter.

Additionally, look at the payment and withdrawal methods and their limits. While some companies allow withdrawals and deposits in the hundreds of thousands worth of crypto, others have limits set at just a few dollars to prevent any issues. Again, it comes down to the specific platform, although this list is a great place to start and branch from.

Each bitcoin casino site has its pros and cons, so it’s essential to make sure that you find one that ticks the boxes for everything you’re looking for. Sure, fantastic bonuses and payment options are a great thing to look at, although they’re not the only ones. But, after that, you’ll have to do your research and come to your conclusions.


What Are the Best Bitcoin Casinos?

It depends, but the most trustworthy crypto gambling sites are Cloudbet, BitStarz, BetOnline and Super Slots.

Why Use Bitcoin at a Casino?

It’s simple – it’s cheaper and it’s faster.

Can I Trust Bitcoin Casinos?

Bitcoin casinos are 100% legit. They are like normal casinos, the only difference is that they use cryptocurrencies as a payment option.

Where Can I Deposit Bitcoin and Play With USD?

BetOnline and Super Slots both offer crypto deposits and the only available currency to play with is USD.

How Fast Do I Take My Winnings?

Pretty fast. Example : withdrawals at Cloudbet are almost instant.