Betting Sites that Accept Credit Cards

Betting Sites That Accept Credit Cards

Credit cards and betting sites seem like two things that go side-by-side, especially considering both markets’ massive. Credit cards handle trillions of dollars every year, and betting sites that accept credit card operate a similar amount.

Nonetheless, surprisingly, not too many sites allow credit cards. Recently, there have been quite a few takes on credit cards and betting. Many legislators and regulators assume that credit cards are a risky way to bet and an unnecessary liability. Additionally, some believe that using credit cards on dangerous betting sites might lead to more significant cases of identity fraud or stolen information.




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There’s not too much risk with using credit cards on suitable sites. Sure, it can be dangerous and often a poor idea to use credit cards on any betting sites that accept credit cards. But we’re here. If you’re asking yourself what gambling sites accept credit cards, we’re here for that too! Sorting through some of the lesser-known and less-trustworthy sites, this article combines our five favorite betting sites that accept credit cards. So, without further ado, let’s get into it!

Why Use a Credit Card?

Credit cards are super helpful in combination with credit card betting sites for a few key reasons: safety.

When using money on betting sites, you can’t get much safer than credit cards. Sure, you can use crypto for total anonymity and protection. But credit cards are the top of the line for mainstream payment. In addition, credit cards usually come with more benefits than debit cards, making them a little less risky to use. The greatest is buyer protection. It provides some clearance if a website or other person gets your information and completes fraudulent purchases.

You shouldn’t need to worry about leaking your information or needing to worry about buyer protection on our five picks. It’s helpful if you find your way onto another website that might be a little less than ideal. Nonetheless, the safety of modern-day credit cards is unmatched by any other payment method (other than cryptocurrency). This is a big reason why so many people like to use them on betting sites.

Additionally, there’s speed and security. Credit cards these days can complete transactions within seconds. And extensive networks like Visa or Mastercard handle trillions of transactions per year. Combined, they run tens of thousands of transactions every single second. This means that depositing and withdrawing money from a betting site can be done within just seconds, compared to the potential days in the past.

However, credit cards also have the benefit of security. The providers behind the technology that powers credit cards are rarely at risk of fraud or any severe hack. So you can trust that your information is safe with them. More importantly, though, there’s the benefit that we mentioned earlier of buyer protection. It can prove incredibly handy when dealing with big purchases on the best credit card betting sites.

Why Do Some Sites Not Accept Credit Cards?

The big thing is legislature โ€“ the most notable would likely be from the UK Government Gambling Commission. It officially outlawed gambling businesses’ uses of credit card payments. But, interestingly, the Commission still left the possibility of using e-wallets, like PayPal or Skrill, with credit cards, although direct access isn’t allowed.

That’s apparently because of the risk of credit cards. The UK Government believes that using credit lines and borrowed money means that people are more likely to go to extremes when betting on betting sites that take credit cards. While that’s true for many, it’s not true for everyone. Some people use credit cards when betting because it’s safer and has more benefits than debit cards.

The inherent risk of using credit lines as debt can be a huge deal, but only if you’re not careful. We’re providing this list to ensure that you’re using just the money you must exclude the Gambling Commission’s point. But, of course, you need to be careful only to bet money that you have. Credit cards don’t give free money. They’re just loans disguised as debit cards. Still, we believe in access to sites with credit cards. And so here are our top five picks for trusted betting sites that accept credit cards:


Up first is Mystake. Mystake is owned by OnyxioN B.V., a leading gambling/betting group that owns several online betting sites. They’re also the company behind a particular place on this list (cough, cough, Rolletto), alongside Locasbet, another betting site. OnyxioN is a massive provider of betting sites that accept credit cards UK-wise.

Additionally, OnyxioN is a prominent figure in the online betting market, which carries over to Mystake. The company offers your classic games and options (sports betting, live betting, casino, live casino, virtual sports, eSports betting, tournaments, and minigames) and various payment options, including credit cards.

Mystake takes betting sites credit card payments through Visa, Mastercard, Discover, Neteller, Diners Club, WebMoney, Bitcoin, Discover, PayOp, ecoPayz, Sofot, Qiwi, Skrill, PaysafeCard, JCB, Interac, and MiFinity. Of course, in this case, however, the big ones are the first three. Through these payment methods, you get access to all of Mystake’s betting and gambling options. That includes a decent-looking sportsbook on top of everything else they offer.

Withdrawals via Credit Card

And while there isn’t that much information on the specifics of Mystake’s payment methods when it comes to withdrawals and deposits, there is information on the maximum withdrawals. Most withdrawals are pretty fast, processed within a day or two, with 7,500 Euros per week. As we’ve mentioned, there’s not much on the deposit methods or otherwise, but it’s likely similar to Rolleto.

In that case, there’s likely a deposit minimum of around 10 to 20 USD/Euros, with the maximums changing depending on what method you’re planning on using. While I know that isn’t nearly as helpful as some guaranteed numbers, that is all that Mystake gives out on the specifics. Nonetheless, credit card betting with a minimum of 20 Euros isn’t all that bad if it’s what everything works out to be.

Plus, 20 Euros gives you quite a few options โ€“ you can make a few smaller bets on the company’s sportsbook. You can throw some money into a tournament game, simulate some virtual sports, or play some minigames. There’s a lot of variety with Mystake, and it’s for a good reason; with the quantity and quality of everything Mystake, you’re almost guaranteed to find something fun and entertaining for you to play while you’re on the company’s site.


Rolletto, as foreshadowed earlier, is owned and operated by OnyxioN, the same company that owns Mystake. Like Mystake, Rolletto is a recent entry to the online betting market and one that we’ve covered extensively. Additionally, like the above site, Rolletto offers a good mix of everything that we’ve come to expect from a decent site with betting options. Rolletto is a non GamStop casino.

That includes a sportsbook, live sportsbook, eSports betting, live casino, minigame selection, virtual sports, and surprisingly, a dino game mode. Honestly, I find Dino a weird option. But it’s a lot of fun and something that doesn’t exist on too many reputable betting sites. Nonetheless, that’s beside the point. Rolletto has a well-structured combination of good services and great payment methods.

Those would include:

VisaMastercardDiscoveryKlarnaBitcoinTetherEthereumLitecoinXRPDashMoneroJCBDiners ClubInteracPayOpAnd MiFinity

And fortunately, there’s also a straightforward way to see how much you’re required to deposit with each transaction. Rolletto says that you have to put in 20 dollars worth of a payment method no matter the payment method. The maximum varies depending on the payment method, but the minimum is 20 US dollars. Additionally, there’s a requirement to at least bet the money you’ve deposited to withdraw it. That means that you need to bet to get your money back. You can’t deposit and immediately remove everything (like an attempt to abuse a deposit bonus).

Your Balance

However, if you decide to leave your money in Rolletto, you’ve got access to a quickly expanding platform full of unique options, like the company’s Dino games. When it comes to quantity and quality, Rolletto has it. Where else will you find a sportsbook, live sports betting, eSports betting, dino games, a live casino, a regular casino, virtual sports, and minigames?ย 

If you want to be at the forefront of new features and gaming options, then Rolletto is worth checking out. Rolletto is almost certainly the most interesting of these five sites, especially with just how much the company behind the site manages to pack into one only option. It’s impressive, although even more so once you remember that its parent group, OnyxioN, has two other businesses.


BetFlip is another leading betting site, although one with a much greater focus on the additionals of the site โ€“ things like its casino, turbo games, and overall promotional options. A lot goes on with BetFlip, although the company has a much more refined selection of payment options. While it does have a sportsbook with credit card access, it’s only one-half of the company’s payment options.

Nonetheless, that’s something that the company does well. You don’t have to worry about the options and ways to pay on the company’s site. You have access to quite a few options. The only issue is a lack of a few significant e-wallets or debit/credit card providers. Opportunities like PayPal or Discover aren’t available or used. Still, other than Discover, the company has anything you could need out there, including Visa, Mastercard, Bitcoin, QIWI Wallet, Webmoney, Payoneer, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Ripple, Litecoin, Zcash, Dash, BitcoinCash, Tron.

The Fee

For each of the company’s payment methods, there’s a 0% fee with an instant processing time. Additionally, BetFlip has one of the most lenient transaction requirements, with anywhere between 1 and 5,000 Euros available for deposit with each transaction. Luckily, that’s for every payment method, whether credit card or cryptocurrency.

Oh, and of course, there are also betting and gambling options. You’ve got a decently fleshed-out combination of sports betting, live betting, casino games, live casino games, and turbo games. BetFlip is a much more diverse site than many others, focusing on providing an overall sculpted and interconnecting service. There’s much more focus on their casino, even while the company still has a lovely sportsbook.

However, my favorite part of BetFlip is the company’s โ€œturbo gamesโ€ section. It’s got games like CrashX, Dice Twice, Mines, and more, which give you access to some unique options. CrashX, for example, has a rocket that takes off and multiplies your money. Once it hits a hidden cap, though, it’ll explode, meaning you needed to have taken your cash beforehand. Things like that make BetFlip a favorite in the community. It has some unique aspects that help it stand out from the increasingly crowded betting market.ย ย 


Our fourth option is BetNow. As the name suggests, the company offers sports betting primarily, alongside a decent casino selection, racebook, and additional promotions. And, like that would tell, the company also has a sheer quality, albeit smaller, choice of payment methods, including credit card providers like Mastercard, Visa, and American Express. There’s also Person2Person and BitcoinCash, although they’re not as commonly used as available credit card options.

As BetNow’s tagline goes, they โ€œmake it simple,โ€ giving you a few really quality options and a good backbone. There’s a lot to like about the company and its possibilities. Plus, BetNow is its own company, giving it access to use the company’s comprehensive resources to the best of its ability in building more payment methods and expanding its services wherever it’d like.

The Limits

Still, if you’re planning on using BetNow, then know that their credit card limits run between $20 and $1,000. Like most bookmakers that accept credit cards, deposits have to fall somewhere between those figures, which are likely the same in terms of Euros. According to the site, credit cards are billed immediately after purchases. It means that you should probably get your money through to your account pretty quickly. BetNow has a pretty basic but very reliable structure for credit card payment. Once you’ve deposited your money, you should be good to go, as long as you tried between $20 and $1,000.

And, once you’re good to go, you’ve got access to BetNow. While there’s a lot in common between BetNow and the other providers on this list, one big thing stands out โ€“ the racebook. BetNow is a jack-of-all-trades, building up a site with options for betting and gambling in multiple categories. For example, you have horse racing (betting) access with nothing but an account and a credit card with the racebook.

The company’s โ€œmake it simpleโ€ tagline comes to play with the overall package, which ties some charming services into one option. Plus, even a few deposit bonuses and promotions are thrown into the mix, surprising for a website as extensive/established as BetNow. Nonetheless, it’s there and ready for use like the sportsbook, casino, and racebook.


Lastly, we have MrSloty, a smaller but excellent addition to our credit card bookmakers list. The company provides just two general categories of options for you to pick from while on their site: casino and sports bet. Overall, MrSloty screams quality over quantity. It’s focusing on broad categories and specifically significant aspects of most betting sites, combining everything into one focused package.

Fortunately, while that philosophy applies significantly to the company’s actual website, it doesn’t apply to their payment methods. MrSloty offers fourteen payment methods, including Neteller, Skrill, PaysafeCard, Mastercard, Poli, Euteller, Neosurf, American Express, Bitcoin, Bank Transfers, Dogecoin, BitcoinCash, Interac, and CryptoPnP.

While MrSloty doesn’t say precisely how much they require for a standard transaction on a credit card, most of their payment methods fall between 15 Euros and 10,000. Since credit cards are a little more specific, it’s not unreasonable to assume that the company has transaction limits of somewhere between 15 and 1,000 Euros.

Sportsbook and Casino

Once you’re past the deposit, however, then you’re ready to use MrSloty and the company’s services. And, when it comes to services, the company does well; MrSloty’s casino offers hundreds of games developed and published by nearly two dozen providers. Across ten or so types of casino games, there’s a lot to play with MrSloty.

However, that’s only half. The company also offers a sportsbook with about 3,000 betting options as of writing. That’s good for one of the online betting sites with credit cards that focuses primarily on a casino. Even with a name like MrSloty, the company ties in a pretty good sportsbook, complete with live betting and eSports betting, all within one package. So if you’re looking for an excellent overall experience with a bit of emphasis on a casino, then this credit card-accepting site is more than an option for you.

How Do You Gamble with a Credit Card?

Like most other gambling methods, all you need to do is create an account for a website and hit โ€œdeposit.โ€ Depending on the site, depositing might also mean a bookmaker credit card deposit bonus. It could prove helpful in making your experience just a little bit better.

Nonetheless, it’s not too hard to gamble with a credit card. So we’ll provide a little more information here on how to get started. It might be helpful to check out our guide on betting sites as a whole, as it should help you get started and good to go. But, of course, that’s after you check this part out.

Anyway, it’s not that hard to get started and ready to bet with a credit card. Most of the process for bookies that accept credit cards includes creating an account requiring personal information, potential identification, and potentially a deposit.ย 

Most sites give you the option to visit their deposit or โ€œbankingโ€ section. You can then press on the deposit method you want to use, typing in the amount you plan to deposit. However, you might be required to enter your credit card information on other sites.

Are Betting Sites That Accept Credit Card Secure?

Before you do anything, it’s essential to ensure that you’re safe online. Every site we’ve recommended has an SSL certificate and HTTPS header on the URL at the top of the screen. The connection between your computer and the company is secure. If you don’t see that, either restart the page or exit out entirely.

However, you’re good to deposit if it’s good to go. Enter the figure you want to deposit (again, within the deposit requirements of the specific site). Type in the digits of your credit card, the expiration date, the name attached, potentially the address, and potentially a security code. Although others do, many credit cards don’t have PINs on the back. It all depends.

Once you’ve deposited money through a credit card, you’re good to go! The next step is to make your way to the website’s sportsbook, casino, or whatever you’re interested in and work through your deposit. After that, the process repeats until you’re done playing on the site. You might have to change providers or cards depending on the site and their conditions. Although most scenarios follow the one above.

If your scenario doesn’t seem too similar, check out the sections below for more general information on what to do when trying to bet on credit cards bookies. There are many changes between sites, countries, providers, credit card types, and so much more, so it’s worth trying out a few things before committing to a website with a specific credit card provider in mind.

Things to Keep in Mind When Betting with a Credit Card

The biggest thing to remember is that a credit card isn’t the same as a debit card. The money that goes through your credit card doesn’t come out of your account. While we assume that you know that already, it’s something that people seem to forget once they go on a winning streak.

Although credit cards have more benefits than debit cards, there’s one significant drawback โ€“ credit cards are loans. So, if you don’t pay off your credit debt every time it passes, you’re in for something big. Credit cards are mini loans from the bank that operates them, meaning that every time you spend money depositing or using the card in general, you’re building a tab with that bank.

If you don’t pay off that tab, you’re at risk of losing money betting online and having to pay interest and the fees that build on a credit card. The Gambling Commission isn’t entirely wrong; there is a risk with a credit card and a gambling site, although it’s not nearly as dramatic as people assume. However, all you need to do to avoid the risk is only spend the money you can afford or allot for betting in general. After all, you have to pay it off eventually!

Credit cards provide more wiggle room for safety, variety, and security while betting. However, it’s still essential to think things out before doing anything online. While the sites we’ve provided have their vetting and quality review beforehand if you visit any online website that promises credit card access and betting tools, is careful.

Are UK Betting Sites That Accept Credit Card Banned?

Using a credit card means that you can put your entire credit line on the bar. If your credit card details make their way into the wrong hand with the UK bookies that take credit cards, things can go back quickly. Although it’s likely a little better with a credit card, credit cards aren’t infallible as they have buyer protection. Plus, as the UK Gambling Commission has banned credit card use on gambling sites, you might find yourself in trouble for being online in the first place.ย 

However, it’s not likely that you’ll find yourself at risk. Instead, any trouble would likely be placed on the site you use for betting if you give that information first. Nonetheless, there’s more information on that below. The natural next vital thing to know is that not all bookies accept credit cards, and even if they do, there’s a chance they don’t take yours.

If you’re asking yourself, โ€œcan I bet with a credit card?โ€ it’s worth checking out which provider you have. Most sites accept the two bigs: Visa and Mastercard. Both are international, massive networks valued at hundreds of billions. They both offer credit and debit cards, running their payment networks to accept their payments. However, there are a few other providers which you might have access to, like Discover or American Express.

The Competition

There aren’t too many competitors, although they tend to offer more generous bonuses and options than Visa and Mastercard, which are helped by the fact that they’re also banks. However, if you have access to either of these credit cards above, it’s crucial to ensure that you’re on UK bookies that accept credit cards from your provider.

Many of the sites we’ve listed already offer deposits with Discover, atop Visa and Mastercard, and a few offers American Express. If you’re interested in finding out more about what cards and providers sites accept or use, it’s probably worth checking out the section below on getting credit cards and their providers.

Which UK Betting Sites Accept Credit Cards and Can You Use Credit Cards on Betting Sites?

So, which bookmakers accept credit cards? Quite a few sites accept credit cards, even while it might be technically outlawed. But, of course, this isn’t a complete list of UK betting sites that accept credit sites. If a company doesn’t have a specific way to give itself access to information that determines whether you have a credit card, they can’t block them or give you intentional access.

Most legislature that bans credit cards on gambling sites prevents companies from intentionally giving you access to their services while you use a credit card. If you don’t provide information or the company doesn’t specifically give you access to services through credit lines, then there’s no worry about breaking any rules or regulations.

And fortunately, in most cases, it’s not the customer’s (i.e., yours) fault for gambling with credit cards on betting sites. So if there’s any chance that the company gets in trouble for providing credit card deposits, then you most likely won’t get into trouble. But, again, it’s on the company to stop you, as there’s almost no reason you have to know that many countries have restrictions on credit cards.


Nonetheless, that’s only the case for some people. Many countries don’t have any restrictions on gambling or credit cards on credit card gambling sites. Other countries have issues with online betting or gambling in general. It all depends on your location and the regional laws and regulations. In most cases, at least UK-based, you’ll be able to safely use any of these five websites that we’ve provided above.

In other cases, however, it’s worth doing your research. We have a few articles on finding the right gambling or betting site for you. And there are only a few additional steps to find out which sites accept credit cards and which ones don’t. In most cases, if a place accepts Mastercard or Visa, they likely accept credit and debit cards. They might only collect deposits from debit cards in some rare instances, but it’s not very likely.

Additionally, all the information should only be a few clicks away. For example, on most sites, there’s an option called โ€œdeposit methods,โ€ โ€œpayment methods,โ€ โ€œbanking,โ€ โ€œterms and conditions,โ€ or something similar, any of which will likely give you information on the methods the company uses for deposits and withdrawals. Additionally, many UK betting sites that accept credit cards have the information listed at the bottom of any of their pages, meaning that it might just be a few finger scrolls away.